INDUS B.I. is a Business Intelligence Brand from India with Tech Collaboration with a Multi National B.I. provider, created out of need for customers growing demand to strategise and take decisions, new opportunities, new markets, trend in existing business line..

Positioned to SMB Market (not limited to Enterprise and Government Sectors) to mash up their data from various sources (from Excel, ERP’s, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Bing, etc.)  to Create meaningful and useful information for their Business Dashboards, KPI’s, Reports .INDUS B.I. allows for easy interrelation and interpretation of customers huge amount of Data into Key Business Metrics and Performance Indicators to help Identify, Develop and Create new strategic & business opportunities.

We provide you help with connecting your Structured and Semi-structured data to a Secured, Zero Management, On Demand Datawarehouse.